When making a bid for airport lounge access, it is important to note that your access is not guaranteed. While you can make an offer at any time leading up to your arrival at the airport, the final decision to accept your bid lies with the lounge. This means that there is always a chance that your offer will be declined.

If you are looking for guaranteed lounge access, we recommend purchasing a standard access pass. These passes are available for purchase directly through our website, and provide you with guaranteed access to the lounge of your choice. Simply search for your airport, choose from the available lounges, and complete your purchase. You'll receive a voucher with a QR code that you can use to access the lounge, along with your boarding pass and identification.

It's also worth noting that the acceptance of your bid is subject to the availability of the lounge at the time of your request. If the lounge is at capacity or has reached its maximum number of bids for the day, your offer may be declined even if it meets the minimum bid amount.

Overall, while making a bid can be a cost-effective way to access airport lounges, it is not a guaranteed method. If you are looking for guaranteed access, we recommend purchasing a standard access pass through our website.