LoungePair is a platform that allows you to name your own price for access to airport lounges. This means that you can place a bid on the lounge of your choice, and the lounge operator can decide whether to accept your offer or not. If your bid is accepted, you will be granted access to the lounge at the price you have offered.

LoungePair also allows you to purchase lounge passes directly. We compare all publicly available lounge offers available online for access to different lounges, so you can find the best deal for your needs.

LoungeBuddy, on the other hand, acts as a conduit for airport lounges to sell access, typically at full price. This means that you can purchase access to a lounge directly from LoungeBuddy at a set price, without the need to place a bid. However, please note that LoungeBuddy has been acquired by American Express and as a result, lounge booking services are now exclusively available to American Express Card Members only.

Overall, LoungePair provides a unique bidding model for accessing airport lounges, as well as the option to purchase passes direct, while LoungeBuddy offers the opportunity to purchase access to airport lounges at full price, but exclusively for American Express Card Members.