Promotional codes need to be added to your user account prior to making a bid on LoungePair's bidding website (Doha or Dubai only).

Visit the wallet tab in your profile, and add the promotional code to the box shown below, and then click 'Apply':

Promotional code box on LoungePair

If successful, the coupon will then show:

Showing on LoungePair what a successful coupon looks like within wallet profile

The promotional code will also show on the payment details box prior to submitting your lounge offer:

LoungePair Payment Confirmation Page showing a promotional code

Note however that promo codes can only be used towards successful bids that are paid directly with LoungePair. 

For example, if you receive a voucher that shows that payment for access will be at the lounge, there will be no coupon deduction.

This is regardless of what is shown on the payment details box.

If you want to know how you can use a promo code towards the purchase of a guaranteed access voucher, please read our separate support guide.