Short Answer

Use the name of the primary person using the lounge access pass at checkout, rather than the purchaser’s. If travelling as a group, make sure at least one person from that group is named on the booking.

Detailed Explanation

The name provided at the time of purchasing a guaranteed access pass should be that of the individual who will visit the lounge. This ensures a seamless entry and avoids any confusion at the lounge reception.

When purchasing multiple access passes, specify the name of at least one primary guest from the group. This name will be used to verify the group's access, ensuring all passes within the same booking are honoured.


When gifting or buying for others, list the name of one primary guest who will be present. This aligns the pass with the boarding passes and IDs, facilitating smooth entry.

Why the Primary Guest's Name?

  1. Accuracy and Group Verification: Lounges check the primary guest’s name against the group's details.
  2. Convenience: It avoids any potential issues at the lounge due to name discrepancies.
  3. Security: It ensures that the intended individual uses the pass.

Key Takeaways

  • The name entered at time of purchase should match the name of the lounge guest.
  • If travelling as a group, ensure at least one pass matches a group member’s ID.
  • Purchasers should confirm the correct name before completing the purchase.
  • The lounge guest must have ID that matches the name on the access pass.