I've made a successful bid for a lounge, and the confirmation email says that the pass is not pre-paid and has to be paid at the lounge. Why was I not told of this?


Our current arrangement with TAV OS Primeclass lounges requires that the successful bid amount is paid directly to the lounge, and not to LoungePair. We do charge a US$5 (or equivalent in local currency) bid success fee.

We make this information quite clear by displaying a note under "Need to Know" at the time you're inputting your credit card details and before you submit your bid. (See screenshot below for reference.)

Screenshot showing note about direct payment at TAV OS Primeclass lounges on LoungePair's bidding page.

Given this upfront information, we won't be refunding the bid success fee once it's charged if the bid is successful.

However, there's a silver lining to this approach. If you encounter flight cancellations or other disruptions, you have not incurred the full cost of a lounge pass. We acknowledge this setup makes it a bit challenging to purchase these passes as gifts. But don't worry, we're working with TAV OS Primeclass to introduce flexible fixed-price vouchers and will announce their availability soon.